Create your Vision Board Book


Increase your health and happiness through experiential workshops!

Increase your health and happiness through experiential workshops!

Participate in group meditations, wellness classes, and more!


Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

In our lives, it is important to take time out of our routines, to renew and restore our energy.


By learning about mindfulness, we are learning something new and useful that will benefit our happiness, and impact those around us in a loving way. This program is designed to inspire, educate, increase vitality and resilience. While our stressors are different, the solution is the same - to be mindful is to take back our focus and drive to live our best possible lives right now.


By committing to this program, you will create a new practice for yourself, and reap the benefits; cardiovascular and immune health, slow down the aging process, better relationships with ourselves and other people, increased patience, better sleep, increased focus. Mindfulness practice creates a new baseline of living in a way that promotes authenticity and vitality. Open yourself to an experience of being in the here and now in a way that is genuine, authentic, and fun! All we have is now!

















 One-on-one sessions and group classes are provided as needed.



  • Approach your life with more energy, understanding, and enthusiasm
  • Create a mindfulness meditation lifestyle, be more connected to self and others
  • Cope more effectively with daily stressors and intensely stressful life events
  • Improve your focus, resilience, and recover more quickly from challenging moments
  • Use mindfulness practices as a source of renewal and re-invigoration in life
  • Experience the benefits and possibilities of practicing mindfulness and meditation​

Learning Objectives:


  • Overview and History of MBSR; Program Guidelines, Commitment, Resources
  • Create your Mindfulness Practice; Formal and Informal, Being and Doing
  • Visualizations and Guided Imagery; Senses, Perception, Insight, Higher Self
  • Connection to Self and Purpose; Mission Statement, Goals and Intentions, Growth, Authenticity
  • Connection with the Body; Yoga, Pain Management, Awareness, Appreciation, Mindful Eating
  • Forgiveness, Loving Kindness, Lowering Judgements, Gratitude

Put your soul's voice to paper and manifest your vision for your abundant, prosperous and happy life with a new spin on vision boards!


Save your creations in your personalized Vision Board Book which allows you to add to it all year long!


Vision boards hold points of focus that bring the energy of your dreams into creation, whether they are related to your career, home, relationships, finances, spiritual growth, health, well-being or all of the above. By making a pictorial representation of your vision, you are teaching your mind what to focus on to make your dreams more tangible and attainable. Then your mind can get to work making it all a reality! What we focus on expands.


Join positive psychology therapist Lauren Corsillo for this very special workshop which includes a guided meditation, an explanation of why it’s important to put your thoughts and ideas on paper as well as time for vision board creation. All supplies are provided, including a decorative book to hold your visions!


One-on-one sessions and group classes are provided as needed.




Each meditation in this series was inspired from my training in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR).


These meditations are done seated or laying down, and are guided by me personally. I'll lead you into the meditation, guide you back out, and provide group processing and time for individual questions afterward.


This series includes: Mountain Meditation, Loving Kindness Meditation, Mindful Breathing, Body Scan and Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Guided Imagery, Silent Meditation, and Letting Go Meditation.


Mindfulness Meditation Series

Coloring Mandalas is a great mindfulness activity, and a great way to connect with yourself and loved ones.


The Mandala, a symbol of harmony and unity, is used in spiritual meditation, healing, and contemplation. Coloring Mandalas can be a meditative, stress-reducing, and creatively rewarding practice for children, teens, and adults.


Create your own beautiful, visual diagram to frame and display, or treasure and store *in your vision board book! You don’t have to be an art major - simply enjoy the action of putting colored pencils or markers to paper to fill a lovely design of your choice and create something uniquely yours.


One-on-one sessions and group classes are provided as needed.





Mindful Coloring with Mandalas

A Sound Bath meditation is journey filled with beautiful sounds and vibrations that are healing for the mind, body, soul and spirit.


 It is a relaxation practice that provides the listener with a deeply relaxing, meditative experience which can take you on a journey of healing, transformation, and self discovery. 


Everything in the Universe, including our body, is composed of energy. Every organ and every cell in our body vibrates at a particular frequency. During our busy days and weeks, we are bombarded by external stimuli (phones, traffic, wifi, other peoples energy) and we get out of sync with our natural rhythm. Sound bathing (and time in nature) provides a healing, a recalibration, a reset, and is a great practice to engage in at least once a week as part of your mindfulness and meditation practice. 


During a sound bath, you may lay down or sit in a comfortable position, cover yourself with a blanket and get cozy, and allow the sound to wash over you. So many people have experienced healing; physically, mentally, spiritually, from sound meditation. Guides come in, guardian angels, spirit guides, spirit animals, and our ancestors, it's very powerful. 


I am blessed to play and be healed, and to facilitate in others healing. I love my crystal bowls and spirit drums, and am adding new sounds to bring into the healing space. I also have literature, oracle cards, and other aids for our meditation journey. It's always new and different and what happens during a meditation is exactly what is needed for those who are in the sacred space. You will leave with knowledge, understanding, peace, and relaxation needed to help you on your healing journey. May you be well. Namaste. 


To schedule a Sound Bath Meditation, contact Lauren:



Sound Bath Meditation


Teaching Reiki I, II, and Master classes and passing attunements

As a Reiki Master, I am blessed to teach these classes and pass attunements.


If you are wanting to learn Reiki, I am your Master! Classes are scheduled around times that work for you, and take about five hours; my classes are typically held from 2pm to 6pm on a Saturday in the comfort of my home. Tea, healthy lunch, and snacks are provided, as well as essential books for your ongoing learning. I am available to teach one-on-one or in small groups, and you will be part of my tribe! As healers, we are one, a tribe, connected spiritual souls. This is a safe space for healing, teaching, support, and practice.


Reiki I includes the Wheels of Life book, and offers an overview and history of Reiki, hand positions, how to administer Reiki for self and for others healing, one power symbol, and an attunement. Upon receiving the first attunement in Reiki I, the receiver becomes a channel for this universal healing, and increases the life force energy of the receiver. This is a gift that forever changes your life in every positive way. Yay!


Reiki II includes the book Essential Reiki; a complete guide to an ancient healing art. Access to three healing symbols and how to use them, healing karma, distance healing, non-healing uses of the symbols, contact with spirit guides, and an attunement. Once you obtain these symbols, they become part of direct sessions and self-healing, and distance healing. Wow!


Reiki Master includes a Reiki Master Manual, including Advanced Reiki Training. The joys of becoming a Reiki Master are many, the additional healing energy symbols, techniques, and knowledge will add value to your healing abilities. Treating yourself, teaching, and treating others in person and at a distance will all be noticeably improved. The fact that you can pass on Reiki to family and friends is also a definite plus! Powerful!


Desire Mapping

“Here’s the strategy: always start in the heart.” -Danielle LaPorte


Welcome to The Desire Map . . .where your self-agency meets your heart intelligence.


I LOVE Desire Mapping, it’s so uplifting and transformative! Here’s my Desire Mapping Workshop at a Glance:



Life Areas:


  1. Livelihood and Lifestyle – career, money, work, home, space, style, possessions, fashion, travel, gifts, sustainability, and resources.
  2. Body and Wellness – healing, fitness, food, rest, relaxation, mental health, sensuality, and movement.
  3. Creativity and Learning – artistic and self-expression, interests, education, and hobbies.
  4. Relationships and Society – romance, friendship, family, collaboration, community, and causes.
  5. Essence and Spirituality – soul, inner self, truth, intuition, faith, and practices.




Key Questions to Explore:


  1. In every area my life, what am I grateful for?
  2. What’s not working?
  3. What are my core desired feelings (CDFs)? What do I want to do, experience, have?
  4. What are three or four intentions and goals I will focus on this year?
  5. What will I do this week to generate my core desired feelings and fulfill my intentions and goals for this month?




User Guide and Planner Overview: For 2020, we chose 5 Core Desired Feelings to feature on the covers:



LOVE is the true reality—the foundation of all life.

RADIANCE is the result of giving and receiving love.

CONNECTION is a means to tapping into love.

NOURISHING is the expression of love.

JOY is the experience of being aware of our Love.



If you tune in, your heart will naturally direct you toward these life-affirming feelings. Our desire to experience and express these qualities is instinctive and universal. We’re built for them. Collectively, we’re craving these feelings more than ever.


Here’s where we create a sacred space with meditation and an opening prayer. You’ll have to attend to experience it for yourself!


Remember, Core Desired Feelings are preferred states of being, expressions of love and vitality, joy, an expansive, higher self, of inclusivity and generosity.



In this Desire Mapping class you will: 


  1. Discover your Core Desired Feelings
  2. Clarify your Core Desired Feelings
  3. Plan your Core Desired Feelings
  4. Live your Core Desired Feelings



Includes prayers, a word blessing, and practices for returning to your heart, visualization process, support, and getting to the way you want to feel.



Five Life Areas for practicing gratitude, exploring What’s Not Working, How You Want to Feel, and more! 


  1. Livelihood and Lifestyle
  2. Body and Wellness
  3. Creativity and Learning
  4. Relationships and Society
  5. Essence and Spirituality



All about you, your inner journey, connection to your inner self. Yay!



The Why of Desire Mapping:


  1. Reflection for heart centered living
  2. Self-agency
  3. Presence
  4. Joy
  5. Connection
  6. Service



Desire Mapping, finding our Core Desired Feelings, helps us with Heart Centered Living.


The heart is the queen of happiness! It is believed that the hear center houses the whole spirit. Unconditional love of the universe is received through the heart, never through the mind. The heart mind, the brain within the heart. The Heart sends more signals to the brain and nervous system vs. brain to heart.


The heart doesn’t always do what the brain directs it to do, it’s called passion!


Core Desired Feelings impacts Thinking and Perceiving which impacts our Behavior and Actions.  Feelings impact thoughts that inspire and dictate behaviors and actions.


Heart Waves – our electromagnetic field, energy waves, we emit positive harmonious cohesive signals we change the atmosphere itself we can radiate our 10 feet away and the greatest charge we emit comes from the hear is 5,000 times stronger than what the brain emits.


Remember, Core Desired Feelings are how you want to feel most of the time, your preferred states of being, life affirming positive expressions of love and vitality.


You’ll leave this class empowered with your Core Desired Feelings and how to manifest them in your daily life! Yay!​