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I was recently interviewed by Leigh Anne Stewart from Sassy Essential for their January 2019 newsletter.  You can read the article below and please visit Sassy Essential.


Wellness Wisdom

talks with wellness professionals

by Leigh Anne Stewart



Lauren Corsillo, LPC is a Mindful Psychotherapist and Meditation Teacher in private practice with The Alpharetta Wellness Collective. She provides holistic and mindful psychotherapy for teens and adults, spirit drum and crystal bowl sound meditations, aromatherapy, and wellness seminars. She helps clients heal from stress, depression, anxiety, and relationship issues; blending traditional therapeutic approaches with mindfulness, meditation, and wellness. Lauren utilizes aromatherapy from essential oils as a tool in her practice. For more info, visit her website at www.laurencorsillo.org Lauren talks: "To be Mindful is to use the senses to engage more fully in the present moment. Embracing the power of the sense of smell is a tool I recommend to my clients. Choosing the appropriate oil helps them accomplish their goals as well as meet their immediate need. I recommend Lavender for relaxation and to steady the nerves, Peppermint for focus, Arborvitae for meditation, and Sandalwood to help my clients to feel grounded. I instruct them to rub it into their hands, on their temples and wrists, and on the bottoms of their feet. Then, take a few mindful breathes, breath in the oils, slow down their breath, and focus on the smell as well as a calming mantra. For everyday use, I love Eucalyptus and Lemon oils for cleansing and uplifting mood. I use Jasmine, Chamomile and Lavender for restful sleep. We need healthy sleep hygiene!"


"This new year, slow down and be present. Take time to reflect, practice self care, meditate daily and connect with your authentic self." - Lauren Corsillo