The Song of the Crystal Bowls​

Hi friends, 


I wanted to share my experience as a meditation teacher playing the majestic crystal bowls. I’ll begin by sharing some information about the healing crystal bowls, and why they are an instrumental part of my meditation and teaching practice.


Crystal bowls are used in sound meditation to cleanse the auric field. The distinct sounds of each bowl reverberate through the entire body, inside the tissues, bones, organs, and spinal cord to facilitate healing and alignment. If the body is suffering from disease, bacteria, physical pain, tension, stress, anxiety or depression, our vibration and our energy to help balance us out.


Similar to the spirit drum, crystal bowls help to release what ails our body and produces a cleansing, healing effect. The crystal bowls at the center are made of Clear Quartz; also known as the "master healer." They amplify energy and thought, as well as the effect of other crystals. And they absorb, store, release and regulate energy. We have six bowls, each one representing a chakra (one bowl is holding space for two). 


I began attending crystal bowl meditations last summer, and I found the experience very healing. I attended at least one meditation a month, to help cleanse my aura and align my chakras. One time the teacher shared that my chakras were all spinning, which was a good thing! And I had a rainbow of light about me, I felt very aligned, in-tune, grounded, safe, secure, and connected to my higher self and my higher power. 


Sound meditations are healing for me and very balancing, and it’s a different sensation than my usual meditation practice of incorporating a guided imagery or silence, mainly because the sound is so powerful and energizing. It’s uplifting and grounding, soothing and powerful, and there’s a community of energy and healing that’s taking place. 


I enjoy playing for private groups for special events, and I play a few times a month at the Center for Energy Healing! Hope to see you an at event soon! 


May you be well,