The Art of Feng Shui; Practical application for all

I don’t know if ya’ll have noticed lately, but people are really starting to connect to the energy in and around them. My clients often ask, how can I create a peaceful, Zen, organized vibe in my home or office, and my answer is, Feng Shui!


I’ve been using Feng Shui for years and have read and applied many techniques in my home and office. And I’ve moved a few times (both home and office) so I’ve had a lot of practice myself! I’ve been blessed to share my joy of organized and harmonious living with my family, friends, colleagues and clients. I continue to learn and am excited to offer this wellness service in 2020!


Over the years I’ve helped several people and they have noticed the difference in their energy and vibe of the space instantaneously! The way I use Feng Shui is helpful and is a blessing, and it is applied differently with each person. I am so blessed to share what I know and pass on the gift of Feng Shui to all!


I recently ordered a Bagua Grid from Tina on Etsy, I just love living in this day and age when I can go online and find practical tools to use in my practice. Why re-create the wheel, when there’s a perfectly good grid out there – thank you Tina! So, I have this amazing grid, or Feng Shui Compass, to help me when I go into friends’ homes and start the process. There’s a compass reading, application, and noticeable change in chi; this happens when you focus your energy in certain spots in your home that support your intentions and reflect your inner desires. Using the grid to Fen Shui your space brings balance to your chakras, and the ability to incorporate elements and metals as well as celebrate aspects of your strengths and personality.


Are you thinking about a space in your home or office that you’d like to bring balance and harmony to? If the answer is yes, ask yourself the following:


  • What do you want your space to convey?


  • How do you want to feel in this space?


  • How would you like others to feel when they enter this space?


  • What is the primary function and purpose of this space?


  • What items do you love in this space? Which items do you not love?


  • Where are you in this space? What items reflect a connection to your energy?


  • What story does each item in this space tell? Where/Who are they from? What is there memory, meaning, significance? Purpose? Role? Functionality?


  •  Other thoughts about the purpose or desired effect of your space? Invite in new meaning and purpose to your space. For example, more entertaining, cooking more, praying or meditating more, doing yoga, doing work from home, better sleep, organization, fashion, focus, attention, abundance, fitness, health, connection, togetherness, reflection.


Apply the Feng Shui Core Principles:


  • Clean and cleanse your space - use healthy cleaning products, add essential oils, sage, incense, create cleaning and cleansing rituals.


  • Remove clutter - declutter your space, get rid of duplicates, broken items, things you don’t need or use you can donate or store until you decide you’re ready to part with it.


  • Remove negative energy items – old pictures, journals, the past that hold negative energy, or we can pray over it, cleanse it, and store it.


  • Add positive energy Items – books, quotes, who you are now, who you’d like to become; add plants, life, meaningful items – bring in life energy, color, vibrancy, sound, have fun here, keep focus on purpose of space, and the energy it will hold


When Feng Shui is balanced and the energy (chi) within you and your space is flowing:


  • Everything has a place and space, purpose and meaning, everything holds energy


  • You have access to and can find anything you need and use within 10-15 seconds


  • You are aware of your feelings in this space and it’s desired effect is working


Feng Shui Tools:


  • Bagua Grid used by Feng Shui practitioner; he bagua grid is made up of a grid of nine sections which are sometimes called gua's, palaces, sections or corners. Each of these nine sections of the bagua map correspond to nine important areas of your personal lives and have their own energy field within your dwelling


  • Cleaning supplies; wood cleaner, glass cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, favorite organic cleaning supplies like vinegar and essential oils, bathroom cleaner, duster, vacuum, rags, gloves


  • Energy Clearing supplies; Florida water, sage, incense, crystals, Palo Santo, prayer beads


  • Donation Bins and Storage bins – sometimes we’re not sure what we want to donate or keep, this is a process so be gentle on yourself. You can store items and visit them the following season, if they haven’t been used, consider discarding or donating items.


  • Garbage cans and garbage bags 


For Best Results:


  • Have a willingness to be open to chi and have your energy work for you


  • Take time for reflection; journaling, prayer, meditation, creating an altar


  • Ongoing dedication to ongoing clearing and cleansing rituals using energy clearing tools


  • Reach out for a follow up consultation for ongoing balance and connection


  • Reiki, Chakra Balancing, and Sound Meditations


  • Spend time in prayer and set an intention for each space and whole of the space as well


Want to connect and bring the art of Feng Shui to your space? I’m excited to work with you to bring harmony and joy into your space, and I look forward to connecting with you! I offer this as a gift of service to all, and donations or bartering is greatly appreciated.