TeleMental Health Face-Time Counseling Now Available!​

Did you know that TeleMental Health, also known as telephonic or face time counseling, is now available to use in the counselor/client relationship at LC Counseling and Wellness? Well, it is, and that is good news, because distance counseling is becoming more widely used in the counseling field, and allows us counselors to help people who can’t make it in to a counseling office, and would like to maintain a relationship with their primary counselor no matter where they are located!


For example, I am able to offer counseling to residents of Ohio and Georgia, because I am licensed in those states. I have a “brick and mortar” office in Alpharetta, Georgia, and can help people in Cumming, Marietta, and so on! No need to face Atlanta traffic when face-time is a ZOOM call away!


I used a platform called ZOOM for my face-time counseling sessions. It’s an app, user friendly, and HIPAA compliant. If you’d like to schedule an appointment via ZOOM, click Request Appointment and specify ZOOM.


Questions? I can be reached at 216-704-3246, leave me a message via my website on my contact page, or email me directly at


I am here to serve my clients and be of service to Georgia and Ohio. As always, I look forward to our chats.


May you be well,