Reiki and Sound Healing​

I love my sweet, amazing, healing, grounding crystal bowls! They’re at my home in Tulsa waiting to take the journey back to Alpharetta, GA! We’ll be re-united soon! The past 6 months I’ve been playing for my new friends in Tulsa, to you I am so grateful, for taking time to spend with me in my home and to share our love of Reiki, crystals, sound meditation, gratitude, and meditation.


Many of my friends and colleagues and like-minded souls have been to my crystal bowl meditations and drum meditations, and I’ve continued to play a small group of friends out of my home. I am in love with sound healing and am so very drawn to it, so much so that I’m spending more time and resources dedicated to study and practice.


An important moment for me was when I ordered my very first set of crystal healing singing bowls on September 28th 2018. I’d been playing since the beginning of 2018, eager to learn, eager to heal myself and others and to share my healing journey with others.


When I say healing sound, check this out: My personal set of seven (7) bowls provides 440HZ of healing sound vibration! Each crystal healing bowl has its own note and represents a chakra:


6” Note B represents the seventh or Crown Chakra

7” Note A represents the sixth or Third Eye Chakra

8” Note G represents the fifth or Throat Chakra

9” Note F represents the fourth or Heart Chakra

10” Note E represents the third or Solar Plexus Chakra

11” Note D represents the second or Sacral Chakra

12” Note C represents the first or Root Chakra


I have a special 16” crystal bowl, I’ll have to check the Note and HZ for ya’ll and will post that soon!


My intent is to educate, heal, and thrive with my good vibe tribe! As I learn more about Reiki and hone my skills as a practitioner, I am so grateful to share my healing touch with each of you through Reiki and Sound Healing! Shout out to the Open Mind Center and Charmaine Taylor for your love, guidance, and healing touch! Energy follows intent!


So excited to feel dedicated and purposeful! Check out my Social Media pages for updates, and I’ll talk to you soon!


Sending you loving-kindness,