My Spirit Drum Journey​

Last summer I had the pleasure of meeting Joanne Newell, owner and Energy Healer at the Center for Energy Healing. We met and I immediately felt a connection.  


Through this new relationship I found a friend, mentor, colleague, teacher, and a new home for my private practice. I moved in to the center on September 1, 2017 and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing place.


Being at the center has strengthened my personal and professional growth, and has made a tremendous impact on the healing and transformation of my clients. There are many wonderful classes held at the center, one of the most memorable for me was meeting Thom and Judy Dandridge, two of the sweetest and most loving people on this earth, and owners of Path Drummer; look them up, they’re amazing


They were hosting a Spirit Drum weekend at the center, people could make their own spirit drum, attend a spirit drum meditation, and schedule a private drumming session with Beverly (who you also have to meet). I attended the spirit drum meditation with my husband and signed up for the spirit drum creation workshop. The time I spent with Thom and Judy making my very own Spirit Drum was life changing, and I have this amazing spirit drum to facilitate healing in others, including myself, how great is that?! 


Thom (hugs) picked out an amazing animal hide, just for me, and placed it in front of me and I went to work. We had tables set up outside in our parking lot, it was a beautiful sunny day and we were under the trees, nestled in nature. We took a few breaks but at the end of our day, I had made my very own spirit drum. It has spirit animals in it, the turtle, the hawk, and an outline of the forest on the sides of the drum, it also has the spirit of the phoenix, an arrow, the beauty of nature and warmth of the sun. I have yet to name my spirit drum, it hasn’t come to me yet, nor has the name of my Indian Princess Warrior that is a huge part of me. I’m sure the names will come to me when the time is right. 


I play my spirit drum often, it likes to be played and is meant to be played and celebrated! I walk around my home and play for about an hour at a time, I play a couple times a week without an audience, just me and my spirit drum. The sound my drum makes immediately drops me into a relaxed state. Its deep vibrations are soul cleansing, awakening, and powerful. The reverberating base that echoes and bounces off the walls gives me both power and solace. The healthy sounds of the drum reverberate through my entire body, it releases aches, pain and soreness, any tension starts to leave my body as a I play. I retain its energy and strength and I share it when I have the opportunity and privilege to play for visitors and guests of the center. 


My journey is blessed and I notice my life is more abundant and prosperous, and playing my spirit drum has been a huge part of my healing journey. I enjoy playing my spirit drum and host Sound Meditations at the Center for Energy Healing. The center provides more than any office space ever could, it is a sanctuary of healing, transformation, and change, and I’m so proud to be a part of it. I hope to see you at an event soon, I would love to play my drum for you and your tribe! I am here for you when you need me, enjoy today, and may you be well. 


Love and hugs,