Lauren Corsillo, MA, LPC is a counselor, mentor, coach, advocate, leader, and meditation teacher who believes in the life changing power of wellness. Connect with Lauren to celebrate living your best life now!


Clinical training includes rotations at Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute and University Hospitals. Lauren received her formal education from John Carroll University (MA), and Walsh University (BA), in Clinical/Community Mental Health Counseling, and became a Licensed Professional Counselor in 2009. Specialties include Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Sports Psychology and Positive Psychology. 


Lauren provides holistic and mindful psychotherapy for teens and adults, spirit drum and crystal bowl sound meditations, aromatherapy, and wellness seminars. Her aim is to help clients heal from stress, depression, anxiety, and relationship issues; blending traditional therapeutic approaches with mindfulness, meditation, and wellness.


Her inspiration for becoming a therapist and wellness professional comes from her mother, Diane.


“My mom is my inspiration for all things related to wellness, happiness, and helping others. She loves to laugh,she knows how to enjoy life! She is an inspiration to me, she works out every day, makes time for friends and family, has an amazing green thumb – we grew up with the garden of Eden in our back yard! She enjoys her career as a stylist, she helps people in need, she volunteers in her community,and she is the best listener.”




Meet LC

Lauren Corsillo, MA, LPC


Thought leaders that inspire Lauren include:


Jon Kabat-Zinn, Sheryl Sandberg, Tara Brach, Melanie Beattie, A.H. Almaas, Elizabeth Gilbert, and Oprah.


Lauren is an avid reader, yogi, meditator, swimmer, and hiker. Her favorite spots in nature include Yosemite National Park, Muir Woods, Laguna Beach, Belize, and Costa Rica.


“Traveling expands my mind and gets me out of my routine…time in nature is grounding. I love connecting with my authentic self, relaxing, and spending time in nature. I remember my family and I took a tour of the banana fields in Costa Rica, followed by a slow, winding boat ride down a narrow river that cut through the jungle; it was the most beautiful foliage, brilliant blues and greens, that was an amazing experience. In Belize, we swam next to the second largest barrier reef in the world, if you ever visit, snorkeling is a must! One of my favorite meditations was when I visited Muir Woods in 2018, that place is magical!”


Formal education, experience, and community service began at Walsh University in North Canton, Ohio. Lauren worked with United Way, Pathway Caring for Children, and the Mediation Center of Stark County. She was the captain of the women’s volleyball team and a distinguished athlete, earning academic All-American honors, and was inducted into the Wall of Fame in 2013. And became a member of the counseling honorary society, Chi Sigma Iota. Lauren graduated Cum Laude in Clinical Psychology in 2004.


Lauren attended graduate school at John Carroll University, received a Master of Arts degree in Clinical/Mental Health Counseling, and became a Licensed Professional Counselor in 2009. Lauren gained clinical experience working for University Hospitals, the Nord Center, Humanistic Counseling Center, and Cleveland Clinic.


Lauren is currently living in Alpharetta, Georgia with her husband Chuck.


“I’ve created a calm and healing space in my home to provide Reiki sessions and Virtual Counseling sessions. I’ve also made it a point lately to make time in my schedule to go into other people’s homes or places of business to provide wellness seminars, meditation, and one of my favorites; the art of Feng Shui. I’ve seen changes in energy and clients harnessing chi… applying these techniques are a game changer and life affirming. Thank you to my friends and colleagues who’ve allowed me into their space for this purpose.”


I’m very grateful to my mentors, counselors, teachers, and healers that have helped me in my journey and continue to support me. I’m thankful for every person I’ve met in my life, and every situation I’ve experienced. I know my purpose is to help others with compassion and empathy, and to spread the message of mindfulness and loving-kindness. I’m here as a healer, helper, teacher, and mentor, that is my purpose.”



Professional Licensure, Certificates, and Memberships


  • Licensed Professional Counselor in Ohio, Georgia, and Oklahoma

  • Professional Member of the American Counseling Association

  • Professional Member of the Licensed Professional Counselors of Georgia

  • Certified Cleveland Clinic Wellness Coach for the Stress Free Now Program

  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction with Jon Kabat-Zinn

  • Reiki Master, Certified at the Open Mind Center in Georgia

  • Professional Feng Shui Therapist with Karen Wells, accredited by CTAA, Complimentary Therapists Accreditation Association



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