Joining the Alpharetta Wellness Collective​

I am happy to announce a new partnership with the Alpharetta Wellness Collective! I will be at the collective a few days a week offering mindful psychotherapy, and sound bath meditations using the spirit drum and crystal singing bowls. To view updated hours and schedule an appointment, click Request Appointment.


I met Dr. Sarah Druckman at Thrive Coworking in downtown Alpharetta at our Master Networks networking group, we meet every Tuesday morning at 8am. We connected on all-things wellness; meditation, sound baths, crystal bowls, healing, positive vibes, yoga, retreats, vision boards, self-care, networking, being entrepreneurs, social events, having fun, and being authentic. And she’s been a great friend to me, she invited my husband and I to our first Low Country Boil, which was fabulous! 


When Sarah told me that she was staring the Alpharetta Wellness Collective, located at 1020 Powers Place in downtown Alpharetta, and asked me to be a part of it, I was humbled and honored. Joining this team was an easy yes for me. I enjoy working with like-minded wellness professionals who help to heal and restore people to optimal health. I’ve met the team, and I am blown away by the talent and loving kindness in this group. I am thrilled to be a member alongside this remarkable collection of wellness professionals. The universe opened a door for me, all I had to do was walk in.


May doors open to you in the right time. Remember, the universe has got your back!


May you be well,