Hello friends, thank you for being here with me, you are the best! My hope with this blog is to share my journey, knowledge, and life changing stories with you to help foster your own personal insight, growth, and  change. My practice as a Mindful Psychotherapist and Meditation Teacher has set me on my path, the path that I was meant to be on, and with hindsight being 20/20, I’ve experienced my thoughts and feelings when I’m off the path vs. on the path, and I have learned so much that I am eager to share with you.  


My spiritual journey is but one part of this path, and a meaningful part of my story. I am grateful to my mindfulness and meditation practices, to the wisdom and unlimited power of the universe, and to the amazing people that my loving and boundless God has placed in my path. My heart is filled with gratitude and unconditional love and acceptance; I have found mindful neutrality and detachment with love that has allowed me to let go of my perfectionistic and over achieving, fearful nature, and I have found my true self, my inner bright, white light, and most importantly, I’ve found my smile again.


I believe we all have a purpose, a calling, an innate wisdom, and unwavering strength and power. We have the divine right to live an abundant and happy life. I believe with the right alignment, you can realize and step in to your power, as I did, and part of that is making a commitment to your personal self-care and wellness journey, and remove denial and empty striving that keeps our true nature enslaved.  I embrace mindful principles and practice an open-minded, neutral attitude, keep my attention set in the present moment,and enjoy the benefits of knowing it’s all going to work out. May you be filled with loving-kindness, may you be well, and remember that today is a gift, that is why it is called the present.


May you be well, 


Lauren :)