Today’s Mantra: I am a healer, and I am healed.

“I have a calling, I am living a purpose driven life. I am a balanced helper, healer, teacher, and guide. I am a healer, and I am healed.” - LC




As a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Meditation Teacher, and Reiki Master, I wear different hats under the umbrella of healer, helper, teacher, and guide. I’m often asked the difference between what I do for work (occupation) and what I do for fun, my hobbies (avocation).




“An avocation is a hobby or any other activity taken up in addition to one's regular work; it may especially refer to something that is a person's "true" passion or interest. A vocation is one's principal occupation, often used in the context of a calling to a particular way of life or course of action.”




In my business I offer several services, my primary occupation as a counselor and practitioner of wellness has opened more doors for unique healing modalities such as Reiki and Meditation. In my line of work, I am giving back that which I have learned in school, clinical and workplace experience, mentoring, and continuing education. I employ, to name a few; active listening, problem solving, crisis management skills, evidence-based treatments, mediation, bibliotherapy, and additional wellness training to provide mental, emotional, and spiritual support and foster personal growth and well- being.


To be in service to others and to give, means it is equally important for me to receive services; to fill my cup so I can remain on top of my game! Gotta shine that light, keep it shining bright! Keeping those high vibrations flowing, ya’ll! Yay!


In order to be in peak mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual condition, I make time to engage in self-care rituals that have meaning to me. I manage a healthy sleep and nutrition regimen, I enjoy spiritual retreats, meditations, and group healings. I maintain a peaceful environment to practice sound baths, reiki, provide small group classes for a minimal or no fee (service work), and I enjoy taking local and international trips to amazing places with close friends and family.



Abundance! Gratitude! Limitlessness! Yay!


Engaging in self-care practices allows for balance, happiness, creativity, and high vibe positive energy to flow through me! I would not be as happy nor be able to thrive in my business in service to others if I did not dedicate time – remember, we make time for those things which are of value to us and replenish us.


We cannot be in balance if we are too giving, nor are we in balance if we are only receiving. There is benefit to a balance of both, and it takes practice, commitment, and dedication. I am extremely grateful to my mentors and friends who have helped shape and influence my self-care routine.


I’m grateful to have a loving concept of self, knowing that I can and do put myself first, creating space for these fulfilling and life affirming rituals. That way I can do what it is I do, be of service to all of you!


I end this post with a blessing for you: May you be well, may you be filled with loving- kindness, and may what you are searching for, your souls purpose, your desire for healing wholeness, be found along your life’s journey in this world. I am blessed to walk beside you on your path.