HAPPY NYE! Welcome 2019!​

This past New Year’s Eve marked some pretty special moments. I’d like to share them with ya’ll.


On New Year’s Eve, I had the pleasure of going into the office for a few hours at Centered Recovery Programs (CRP), fresh faced and ready to help some new clients on their journey of recovery. January 2nd marked one year as a therapist at Centered Recovery Programs! Woo-hoo!!! I am blessed to be a part of the CRP team as a therapist and group instructor.


I love each day, they are filled with opportunities and blessings. I am grateful to use my clinical skills and passion for helping people in mindful recovery at Centered Recovery. I have a thriving private practice, LC Counseling and Wellness and an amazing office and wellness team at the Alpharetta Wellness Collective. I spend my days helping clients find wellness and balance, and create a meaningful mindfulness and meditation practice. I LOVE being a licensed professional counselor, meditation teacher, and wellness professional!

On New Year’s Eve night, I had the pleasure to work alongside Holly Couch to create a meaningful New Year’s experience for our friends at the Alpharetta Wellness Collective. We hosted a Desire Mapping and Crystal Bowl Meditation, it was an amazing experience; we found our words for 2019 and bonded as a group.


Before the event, I got dolled up to go out and eat sushi at our favorite place, Kang Nam, with my amazing and loving and funny husband, Chuck. In 2018 we celebrated ten years together! I love my man, his support and love and humor are my greatest gift from God, I thank him every day for you my love. 

I am grateful for my personal and spiritual growth, the new friends I’ve made, and the people I’ve helped in 2018. I notice that I am more confident and happier and treat each new day like an opportunity vs. feeling heavy, defeated, or down. Hard work pays off and optimism, self-care, love, friends, mindfulness and mediation are worth the time and effort! I feel more connected to my authentic self, thanks to my meditation and prayer life and simply enjoying time in quiet reflection.


It’s fun to let go of perfection, too. I like to have make-up-free days and getting sweaty at yoga class then going grocery shopping (or to be honest, going to eat biscuits or beignets with coffee)!! I enjoy glam, too (channeling Blake Lively)!  It’s fun playing with make-up, adding to my jewelry collection, trying new hair and body products, and adding essential oils to my world – game changer – all to adorn my lovely goddess self and shine bright like a diamond! 

My soul lights up from the inside-out and I am truly blessed and happy and filled with loving-kindness. God lights my path in each moment, and I am confident, rested, and ready to begin a prosperous and exciting 2019!!! Feeling beautiful, loved, and limitless y’all!


Thank you for inspiring me on my journey, I love you all!