Desire Mapping

“Here’s the strategy: always start in the heart.” -Danielle LaPorte



Welcome to The Desire Map . . .where your self-agency meets your heart intelligence.


I LOVE Desire Mapping, it’s so uplifting and transformative! Here’s my Desire Mapping Workshop at a Glance:


Life Areas:


  1. Livelihood and Lifestyle – career, money, work, home, space, style, possessions, fashion, travel, gifts, sustainability, and resources.
  2. Body and Wellness – healing, fitness, food, rest, relaxation, mental health, sensuality, and movement.
  3. Creativity and Learning – artistic and self-expression, interests, education, and hobbies.
  4. Relationships and Society – romance, friendship, family, collaboration, community, and causes.
  5. Essence and Spirituality – soul, inner self, truth, intuition, faith, and practices.



Key Questions to Explore:


  1. In every area my life, what am I grateful for?
  2. What’s not working?
  3. What are my core desired feelings (CDFs)? What do I want to do, experience, have?
  4. What are three or four intentions and goals I will focus on this year?
  5. What will I do this week to generate my core desired feelings and fulfill my intentions and goals for this month?



User Guide and Planner Overview: For 2020, we chose 5 Core Desired Feelings to feature on the covers:



LOVE is the true reality—the foundation of all life.

RADIANCE is the result of giving and receiving love.

CONNECTION is a means to tapping into love.

NOURISHING is the expression of love.

JOY is the experience of being aware of our Love.



If you tune in, your heart will naturally direct you toward these life-affirming feelings. Our desire to experience and express these qualities is instinctive and universal. We’re built for them. Collectively, we’re craving these feelings more than ever.


Here’s where we create a sacred space with meditation and an opening prayer. You’ll have to attend to experience it for yourself!


Remember, Core Desired Feelings are preferred states of being, expressions of love and vitality, joy, an expansive, higher self, of inclusivity and generosity.



In this Desire Mapping class you will:


  1. Discover your Core Desired Feelings
  2. Clarify your Core Desired Feelings
  3. Plan your Core Desired Feelings
  4. Live your Core Desired Feelings


Includes prayers, a word blessing, and practices for returning to your heart, visualization process, support, and getting to the way you want to feel.



Five Life Areas for practicing gratitude, exploring What’s Not Working, How You Want to Feel, and more!


  1. Livelihood and Lifestyle
  2. Body and Wellness
  3. Creativity and Learning
  4. Relationships and Society
  5. Essence and Spirituality


All about you, your inner journey, connection to your inner self. Yay!



The Why of Desire Mapping:


  1. Reflection for heart centered living
  2. Self-agency
  3. Presence
  4. Joy
  5. Connection
  6. Service


Desire Mapping, finding our Core Desired Feelings, helps us with Heart Centered Living.


The heart is the queen of happiness! It is believed that the hear center houses the whole spirit. Unconditional love of the universe is received through the heart, never through the mind. The heart mind, the brain within the heart. The Heart sends more signals to the brain and nervous system vs. brain to heart.


The heart doesn’t always do what the brain directs it to do, it’s called passion!


Core Desired Feelings impacts Thinking and Perceiving which impacts our Behavior and Actions.  Feelings impact thoughts that inspire and dictate behaviors and actions.


Heart Waves – our electromagnetic field, energy waves, we emit positive harmonious cohesive signals we change the atmosphere itself we can radiate our 10 feet away and the greatest charge we emit comes from the hear is 5,000 times stronger than what the brain emits.


Remember, Core Desired Feelings are how you want to feel most of the time, your preferred states of being, life affirming positive expressions of love and vitality.


You’ll leave this class empowered with your Core Desired Feelings and how to manifest them in your daily life! Yay!​