Attitude of Gratitude ​

Did you know that practicing an attitude of gratitude can elevate your mood, help you sleep, strengthen your relationships, decrease your stress and increase your optimism!?!


Let’s try it! Choose one or all of these gratitude practices, add to them, share them, and make them your own….


- Think of three things you are grateful for today. Be as specific as possible. Share them out loud with someone you love, and have them do the same.


- Create a Gratitude Jar. Have paper and pen and a jar or glass bowl in your kitchen or living room. Write down a few moments that you’re grateful for that happened to you during your day, week, or month; add to it as much as you like! Review the notes on Thanksgiving or New Year’s Day, up to you!


- Keep a Gratitude Journal. Find a journal that speaks to you, and keep it next to your bed. In the a.m. and p.m., journal what you are grateful for through stories, make a list of things that make you happy, jot down inspirational quotes or phrases that have meaning to you, and visit your pages often. Keep gratitude top of mind as you begin and end your day.


- Say Thank You. Even for the monotonous things, saying thank you expresses love and value to the people around you. Say thank you, find that human connection, you’ll be glad you did!


- Write Thank You Notes. These are fun to give and to receive. Write a simple note on a blank piece of paper, find a fun card with a blank page inside, or create your own unique way to express your thanks with a small gift. Your personal message will be more heartfelt and unique to you and strengthens your relationships.


Well done, and thank you for your time and energy. May your optimism grow along with loving-kindness for yourself, your loved ones, and everyone you meet. The ripple effects of your gratitude are limitless.


Thank you again, for trying out these gratitude practices. I hope you notice the positive and life affirming effects, and will add these practices to your health and wellness routine.


May you be well,


Lauren Corsillo, LPC