Aromatherapy with doTERRA Essential Oils​

I love that I found doTERRA Essential Oils, I’ve been using their products for the past six months, and I’ve noticed a healthy and healing change in my overall mood, energy, skin, workout routine, household cleanliness and feel, and sleep! 


There is a strong link to our sense of smell and overall well-being. Smells also alert us when something is wrong with our body or immediate environment. There are scents that we take in on our roads, in the air, on our clothes, in our food and drinks, and in products we put on our body ranging from lotions to sprays, deodorants, shampoos, and conditioners. We definitely have a say when it comes to what we put in our body and on our body, as well as the scents we allow in our homes and onto our skin and clothes.


Many times, our nose can’t tell the difference, but our body and our mind can; several studies have been published on neurotoxins and mental health. It was found that exposure to neurotoxins over time can cause emotional and behavioral issues, and a decrease in cognitive function including impaired memory. 


Our skin, brain, and lungs take a beating from neurotoxins that live in almost everything that has an altered smell. For example, smelling a rose, and then smelling a rose candle, one of those was manufactured, and one is real. One has neurotoxins, and one does not. The closer we can get to natural, organic, essential products, the better. For example, Lemon! It’s a natural detoxifier and is safe to use in our homes, on our clothes and on our skin, we can even add it to our drinking water! 100% Lemon, no filters, no additives, it’s one of my favorite oils! 


Essential oils are rising in popularity, and is a crucial part of a wellness routine, to improve daily function, health, and happiness! To learn more, visit my services tab and go to my doTERRA Essential Oils page. I’m happy to assist you in starting your collection, or growing your collection of essential oils, and how to make the most out of your collection to meet you and your family’s health and wellness needs. 


May you be well,