Welcome TO TULSA

Welcome to Tulsa, OK!


What a journey, and I couldn’t have done it without the support of my loves, my God, and the universe. And my daily gratitude and meditation practice, which I’ll share with you now.


It’s a daily practice, being optimistic. I write in my gratitude journal, I identify three good things in my life (thanks Shawn Achor), and Chuck and I have a happiness jar that we add to regularly, and we read our gratitudes aloud on New Year’s Day (thank you Liz Gilbert)!


Wherever you go, there you are! I bring my life and my progress and my authentic self with me now wherever I go. I said goodbye to my ego-driven life a while back, and it was the best decision I ever made. I asked for help, and I received it in spades! I’ve always loved that idiom…to have a lot of something, to live a life of abundance. But when it came to help, I needed it, a lot of help, and God and Universe provided.


Life is a journey, and I had to walk through the storm of my past with some amazing healers, to come out the other side a healed and whole woman. I went from having walls that held a lot of pain and anger and tears and unresolved trauma, to being open and living an authentic life filled with connection to friends, to family, and to myself. My inner dialogue improved, and I rekindled the light inside myself. My self-worth, my freedom, my desires, all came back to me, and I was living a new chapter of my life in Atlanta, Georgia.


Which brings me to Tulsa…I had no idea that the universe was going to send me to Tulsa, Oklahoma, but I knew I had to go. I agreed to follow my husband, my person, as he accepted a promotion and a new role with his company. I knew that God and the universe had our back,even though I knew I’d miss my friends and my career that I’d built would have to be on hold for a minute. We have a saying in our house, it’ll work out, or it’ll work out.” And so it is…


Now I find myself in this new, sunny, vibrant, slower-paced city. I’ve found a small soul tribe that I invite over to my home once a week, our Gratitude and Meditation Circle, where we gather to pray, share in our daily gratitude, and meditate (thank you Calm app). I’m so blessed that I’ve found a practice partner with, and I will soon be an LPC in the state of Oklahoma. I’m grateful that I didn’t jump into my career when we moved. I took time to heal, to mourn my mom, to mourn my life in Atlanta, and to take some time to simply be, to reap what I’ve sown.


I’ve been fast paced my whole life, I’ve always worked a full-time job, I’ve never really taken more than a two-week break. I’m grateful for the past few months and what I’ve learned. I created space, I let work take a back seat to my life, I experienced what it felt like to slow down. And it wasn’t easy! My self-talk was urging me to get after it, to hustle hard. But what could I do? In my heart I wasn’t ready, I needed time to heal, to rest, to read, to meditate, to take trips and visit with friends and family. I’ve also planned future vacations to places on my bucket list (Greece 2020)!


Today I can look back on the past few months and see my progress. And I’ve taken time to grow in my hobbies, too! Interior design, feng shui, and horticulture! I love our new home, new connections, and our new plant babies! And I look forward to what is coming next.


I set the intention a while back that in the fall I will be ready to get back into the counseling chair. And so it is. More on that next time my friends!


May you be well, full of love, joy and happiness,