Mindful Check-ins for the Holidays​

Tis the season to be jolly, joyful, and stressed! Keep stress at bay with Mindful Check-ins. Here’s How!


Holiday gatherings bring with it a range of emotions, and while we are grateful and blessed to be with family and friends around the holidays, we may notice we are also experiencing a large amount of stress. Honoring how we feel in our body as well as checking in with the content of our thinking, and bringing our awareness to the present moment will service us well this holiday and reduce stress and help connect us to the joy of the present moment. 


Doing a few Mindful Check-ins throughout the day can be helpful. Here’s how:


Mindful Check-in (5-10-20 minutes)

Place your hand on your heart, and connect with your breath. Take a few deep, cleansings in-hales and ex-hales. Deepen your awareness to the present moment. Be where your feet are. Connect with any tension in the body and gently release it. After a few breathes, gently open your eyes, come back to the room, and carry the feeling of calm and relaxation with you into the rest of your day. Repeat hourly as needed. 


When checking in with your family, friends, or spouse, simply ask open ended questions; how are they feeling, do they need anything, do they need a break from the festivities to connect? Connection with family and friends is the goal this season, and the key to happiness in the present moment. When we connect, we feel safe, grounded, at peace and at ease. This helpful check-in will remind your loved one that you are present with them, non-judgmental, and there for them to offer loving-kindness and acceptance.


May your hearts be merry and light, and may your days be full of hugs and high fives! Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday season!


May you be well,


Lauren Corsillo, LPC